6 cases of scabies confirmed at ICE Aurora Contract Detention Facility

AURORA, Colo. — At least six cases of scabies have been confirmed at the Aurora Contract Detention Facility, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday.

The agency says on-site medical personnel quickly isolated the six infected detainees along with 19 others who were also exposed to scabies, reducing the risk of further spreading the disease.

Each ICE detainee receives a medical examination upon arrival at the facility to check for potential signs of illness. However, a detainee can be exposed to diseases prior to entering the facility that may not be detected during the examination, ICE said.

A topical ointment will be administered to ICE detainees once the ointment is received at the facility, which is anticipated to be Dec. 10. After receiving the ointment, detainees will be discharged from cohort.

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