UCHealth & The Grinch Spread Holiday Message Of Good Hygiene, Flu Shots

DENVER (CBS4) – The Grinch spent part of Wednesday downtown reading his own story, Dr. Seuss’s “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!” He stars in the musical playing at the Buell Theatre through Sunday.

(credit: CBS)

Part of the day included learning about how to stay healthy during the holidays with the help of the doctors at UCHealth.

“Today we’re going to read my story because it’s the best story,” the Grinch told cameras in the morning.

(credit: CBS)

He read the book from cover to cover out loud with glee, enjoying each moment that highlighted the story that inspired movies and now the musical touring the country. After he finished, the Grinch answered questions about the holiday season including whether he would be on Santa’s Naughty or Nice Lists even though he does not like Christmas.

“I’m the good guy,” he said. “I’ve been a very good guy, honestly.”

While he may not be in the spirit of the season, he does want families to spend part of their week seeing the musical. It runs less than 90 minutes and it’s appropriate for all ages.

(credit: CBS)

“You come see the show, and I’ll take all your little presents while you’re there,” the Grinch said.

Later in the day he stopped by the theatre and met Dr. Janis Sethness with UCHealth to hear important steps to keep germs away. Not only the weather, but the increase in people you come across during the holidays can impact your health, they say.

“We would love for you to use some hand sanitizer,” Dr. Sethness said to the Grinch.

“I find it more effective to cough directly on the necks of other people,” the Grinch joked.

(credit: CBS)

This Sunday after the 2:00 p.m. matinee, UCHealth will give away 100 flu vaccines for anyone older than 9 years old. They will have supplies for people 65 and older, who may want the high dose flu shot.

“It is unfortunate to become a Grinch during the holidays and part of what you can do to protect yourself still is get a flu shot,” she said while talking to the Grinch. “If you get sick, I’d love for you to wear a mask.”

But the Grinch claims he keeps good hygiene. You can see him on stage during performances in Denver running through Dec. 8.,

“I’m very good at washing my hands, these bad boys,” he said.

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