Community seeks thieves caught on Commerce City doorbell cameras

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — A Commerce City community is asking for help catching a brazen set of porch pirates before the busiest shipping week of the season.

The Problem Solvers went door-to-door and found several videos of the pirates in action, all from the same day. Each video captures the same white SUV. Victims and police believe the car is a Chevy Equinox.

Before lunchtime on Tuesday, a doorbell camera captured what looks like a teenage girl with a school lanyard on. She’s hurdling over snow like she’s at a track race with her eyes on the prize.

“She runs up, grabs our package and bolts off,” said Igor Ahmedić, whose goods were pillaged.

Ahmedić watched on his doorbell camera as the thief took off with $200 in shoes.

“It was so brazen, just middle of the day, run up there with no regard for the fact she was being videotaped, no regard for the fact everyone could see that,” Ahmedić said. “I couldn’t believe they were brave enough to do that.”

Just when he thought the theft at his door was brazen, Ahmedić looked on his neighborhood watch application.

“There’s videos left and right of them,” Ahmedić said.

Timestamps show three minutes before bolting to Ahmedić’s door, the thieves took a stop down the neighborhood at Jimmy Graham’s home.

Another teen took the honors of taking this box off of his porch.

Graham’s special package held two weeks of soiled kitty litter from his cats Ollie and Mr. Cat.

About ten minutes after those stops, the same white car pulls up a few minutes away in the Fronterra neighborhood.

The same young woman takes a package but is stopped in the act by a neighbor

The group got away with one less package.

“She’s not ashamed at herself, she’s just disappointed she didn’t get away with it and it’s sad to see that,” Ahmedić said. “This is a real grinch scenario they could potentially be ruining Christmas for kids and families.

Ahmedić says commerce city police told him they really need a license plate to try and catch the thieves.

Commerce City police asks the public to reach out with any information.