Northern Colorado FedEx customers waiting 10 days for deliveries

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BRIGGSDALE, Colo. — FOX31 viewers are calling on the Problem Solvers to help clear up FedEx chaos in northern Colorado right before the holidays.

“How long is appropriate to be patient? I guess I’ve reached my limit because it’s the 10th day,” customer Patty Bodwell said.

For 10 days, Bodwell says she and four other friends in Briggsdale have gotten the same message about their FedEx deliveries.

“I started to get an email that it couldn’t be delivered, and it would be delivered tomorrow,” Bodwell said.

On day 10, Bodwell decided to call the Johnstown FedEx terminal.

“A woman indicated that it would probably be a couple more weeks before it would be delivered and that, if I wanted to, she could pull it and put it on a truck to Greeley and I can go get it in Greeley.”

Before Bodwell had to go to Greeley, FOX31 Problem Solvers got involved. We contacted FedEx, sharing Bodwell and her neighbors’ frustrations.

Bodwell finally received her package hours later. However, she can’t stop thinking about something she says a FedEx employee told her.

“She said, ‘We don’t have enough drivers.’ And I said, ‘Well, don’t you have enough drivers for the holidays?” Bodwell said. “She said, ‘Well, all of the drivers walked out went out and quit.'”

Bodwell fears a shortage in drivers could impact people’s medicine deliveries or gifts for the holidays and beyond.

“There must be thousands of packages sitting there because if I know four people sitting here waiting that long. This is probably only a small portion of the packages,” she said.

FOX31 asked FedEx about this driver shortage claim. At this point, we have only received the following message:

“FedEx continues to experience high package volumes as holiday shipping deadlines are upon us. Where packages may not have met our service commitments in the northern Colorado area, we appreciate our customers’ patience as we work closely with our local service providers to implement contingencies, such as securing additional resources, to ensure holiday deliveries are made as soon as possible.”

Nicole Fierro wrote this report.