Road Rage Suspect, Julio Quintana, To Face Judge, Victims: ‘I Want Him In Jail’

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – A Loveland couple who nearly lost their lives when an angry driver opened fire on them in July, will finally face the suspect in court. Julio Michael Quintana, 19, faces numerous charges in relation to the incident, including two counts of attempted first degree murder.

(credit: CBS)

He will face a judge and the victims for a disposition hearing on Thursday in Larimer County. While Quintana is in custody, the couple fears retaliation and requested to hide their faces. However, on Thursday one has plans to read a brief statement to him.

Investigators arrested Quintana this fall for unrelated charges, and thanks to the victims’ memory of the July incident, investigators were able to make the connection.

Neither of the victims expected the suspect would be found, but in October, they received an unexpected call. Loveland Police wanted them to come to the station to look at a suspect line-up.

Julio Quintana (credit: Larimer County)

“I looked through the six pictures and I’m like, that’s him and I stopped looking,” one said. “Like, this was 100% him.”

The woman in the passenger seat at the time was just feet from being struck by a bullet. She has prepared a victim impact statement hoping the court will take into consideration how this has affected her.

“He has ruined my life,” she said.

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She remembers the day clearly. It was 9 a.m. on a Sunday, she was headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with her boyfriend at the time. What they initially interpreted as a case of frustrated driving, was an extreme case of road rage.

Quintana was weaving in and out of traffic, passing cars. He attempted to use a turn lane to pass the couple. When he couldn’t get around them, he started harassing them and eventually pulled out a gun.

“I remember driving, him pulling out a gun and shooting and then driving away. That’s the last time I saw him,” she said.

She says she is anxious about seeing him, but believes it will help her get the outcome she wants.

(credit: CBS)

“They asked me if I wanted him to do community service, I’m like, nope. I want him in jail as long as he can be in jail because if he gets out he will probably kill someone.”

She also believes reading her statement is something she has to do for her community.

“I’d rather risk my life and testify against him then let him kill someone else.”

The couple credit investigators with Loveland Police for tracking down Quintana.

“They have done a fabulous job.”