Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management plans drone sightings for training purposes

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FORT MORGAN, Colo. –There’s only one thing people are talking about more than the steaks at the Flame Steakhouse, in Fort Morgan.

“Definitely the drones are the hot topic,” said owner Russell Croft, grinning.

There’s been sightings all over the eastern plains this month.

“We certainly see more lights in the sky,” said Croft.

Just down the road from the steak house, near mile marker 74 on I-76, a new drone has gone relatively unnoticed.

“I did not see any tonight,” said Croft, when asked about it.

It was the same story for people who drove right past the area, along I-76, on Saturday night.

“I would maybe be a little scared, a little confused—not know what was going on,” said Aidan Luebke, who was passing through from Minnesota.

Luebke says he hadn’t heard about the drone phenomenon in eastern Colorado yet.

But unlike most of the drones people have spotted in Fort Morgan, there’s an explanation for these.

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management tweeted Saturday, saying they’ll be flying a drone over the next four days near the Colorado State Patrol Office, as part of a training exercise for Colorado Department of Public Safety personnel.

The drone can be spotted between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. for the next several days.

They’re asking the public not to report any activity they see in that area.

As for the drones people have spotted elsewhere, there’s still all kind of theories out there.

“I’ve heard everything from the government looking for warheads, to companies out there doing survey work, to checking out high power lines—lots of different theories,” said Croft.