Aspen History: Ashcroft Snowed In

One b/w photograph of a man skiing down a hillside. There are evergreens at the top of the hill. The back of the photo is labeled “West of Ashcroft, Castle Creek”. 1915-.

“Twenty-eight below zero at Ashcroft,” announced the Aspen Democrat-Times on Feb. 1, 1916. “The thermometer dropped to 28-below there last night, the coldest point of the winter. The snow is 32 inches deep on the level and the water contents measure 7.10 inches. More water than usual is contained in the snow this winter by reason of the fact that the winds have packed it solidly. The Democrat-Times correspondent, Mr. Dan MacArthur, is snowbound and hasn’t seen his nearest neighbor, who lives two miles away, for a month. Another neighbor is snowed up at the Montezuma mine, a distance of four miles.” This image shows a man skiing through deep snow in the Castle Creek Valley west of Ashcroft, circa 1915.