Package thieves repeatedly targeting Congress Park apartment complex

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DENVER — A Denver man believes package thieves may be working together to target the Congress Park neighborhood.

Chris Johnson caught three separate package thefts on camera in just over a week at his apartment off East 13th Avenue and Clayton. The first theft occurred early in the morning Jan. 7.

The man in the video is seen riding toward the apartment on a bike, taking a package from the top of the mailbox and riding off. Two different men were caught on camera the following week also on bikes.

“I think the fact that they’ve come back to my complex on three different occasions now should tell you something,” said Johnson.

Johnson says one of the stolen packages contained a hard drive worth $250 he ordered from Amazon.

“To be honest, I was home when that hard drive was stolen. I didn’t even get a knock at the door so I didn’t actually know the package was delivered and then it was stolen an hour later,” said Johnson.

Johnson says he tried warning his neighbors by posting flyers. One of the videos shows the suspect taking the flyers down and folding them up before riding off on his bike.

“Because he folded those papers up I feel like he was taking it to show someone versus ripping it up,” said Johnson.

Denver police are investigating but don’t have any suspects at this time.