New Company ‘Joybees’ Stepping Up Foam Shoe Game Started By Crocs

(CBS4) — The Colorado-based company Crocs took the world by storm with their unique-looking shoes when they debuted almost 20 years ago. Now, EVA foam shoes like them are coming back into style and another Colorado company is moving into Crocs’ territory.

(credit: CBS)

“Our splash sneaker is probably the O.G.” says Kellen McCarvel the CEO of Joybees.

He has lightweight EVA foam shoes in his blood. His dad was the CEO for the Niwot-based company and eventually he also worked for them. “My career was started at Crocs in the golf division,” he says.

Kellen always wanted to run his own business and with the resurgence of Crocs and other start-up footwear brands he saw an opportunity to make his dream a reality.

“I loved my time at Crocs,” he admits, “I learned a ton and I was ready to use that on my own.”

He started Joybees, a footwear company to compete directly with Crocs. His shoes are made from the same EVA foam as Crocs, but are for a different demographic.

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“We’re really focused on families with young kids.”

They retail for $10-$20 less than his competitor and he thinks they look better than the traditional clog that some people love — but others hate.

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“We have I think really compelling designs. I think it’s really nice. We’ve done a really good job of elevating how EVA can be designed,” says Kellen.

He thinks, with a little luck and more hard work, Joybees will be the next Colorado startup to put EVA foam shoes on feet across the world.

“We really hope to become that trusted brand for families.”

(credit: CBS)

Right now Joybees shoes are only available on their website.