Elbert County Allows For Graduation Celebrations That Are Larger Than State Guidelines

(CBS4) – Elbert County is giving schools the green light to hold in-person graduation ceremonies for groups up to 50 attendees. The state currently limits in-person gatherings to 10.

It okayed the ceremonies to start on Friday but school districts must submit a request to Elbert County Public Health. That request must outline measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Elbert County submitted two variance requests to the state health department asking for the graduation exception but moved forward on its own, saying the state’s review process would take a considerable amount of time.

The Elizabeth School District was granted the variance for a graduation on Friday.

The county cited those same concerns about the timing of the state’s review when it said churches can also reopen.

The commissioners do recommend places of worship share their coronavirus protocol for expanded in-person services to the county’s board of health as well.