Body-cam video shows Loveland police arresting man outside Target

LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — Loveland police released body camera footage of a recent arrest incident at a Target parking lot. The footage was posted on the department’s Facebook page. FOX31 and Channel 2 first learned of the arrest after cellphone video of the incident went viral.

In the Facebook post, the Loveland Police Department made no mention of the viral version.

According to LPD, the incident occurred Monday. Officers responded to a call about a male causing a disturbance inside and outside the store while refusing to leave.

The body camera video shows one officer approaching that male. The officers asked the man several times what was going on. The man is seen walking away but then started to walk toward the officer.

“Stop walking up on me,” the officer is heard saying several times.

Almost two minutes after the incident started, the officer pushed the man back. The man is seen falling to the ground. More officers arrive at the scene. They ask the man several times to cooperate and to stop resisting arrest.

For several minutes the officers struggle to place handcuffs on the man. Eventually, they are able to place handcuffs on the man’s hands behind his back.

The video stopped at just after seven minutes.

Loveland police said medics were called in to assist and that the man will face criminal charges but did not specify what those charges are.

In the viral post, showing cellphone video of the arrest, there are claims the officers used a baton to hit the man several times. The video provided by Loveland police does not show that happening.

LPD said the body camera video released has redactions for privacy reasons.