Some Colorado Casinos Affected By National Coin Shortage

GILPIN COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Some Colorado casinos are feeling the pinch of the national coin shortage. Liz Cassi with Slate Communications tells CBS4 that most Central City casinos aren’t affected or have other systems in place (like tickets or special coins) that don’t require physical money.

(credit: CBS)

However, Dan Hedges with Century Casino said, “While we are not at a critical point, we are soliciting on our website a request for our customers and employees to bring any coin in for conversion. We are having issues receiving coins from our bank, and if this continues we will have to look at other possible measures.”

Like Century Casino, Monarch Casino in Black Hawk is inviting guests to bring their coins into the casino and exchange them for cash for free.

The Federal Reserve expects shortages to ease as the economy opens up more, but it’s not clear when that might be.