Aurora officer fired in February for failing to help struggling inmate

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Internal affairs records newly released by Aurora police show an officer who was fired in February was accused of failing to ensure the safety and security of a detainee in his patrol vehicle, while she shouted for help and said she worried that her neck might break.

Levi Huffine appealed his termination and has a hearing scheduled with the Civil Service Commission at the end of September.

According to disciplinary documents, Interim Chief Vanessa Wilson fired Huffine because he “failed to ensure the safety and security of [his] detainee when [he] did not take appropriate action in response to her numerous requests for help.”

Wilson said Huffine failed to treat the woman with dignity and respect and “displayed complete disregard for her as a human being and any suffering she may have been experiencing while in [his] care during transport.”

Disciplinary records show the woman was “initially verbally belligerent, but after several minutes, she slid onto the floorboard of the patrol vehicle with her head on the floor.”

She was in an “inverted position on the floorboard of the patrol vehicle for approximately 21 minutes until [Huffine] arrived at the jail. During the 21 minutes, she repeatedly asked or help, said that her neck was going to break, said that she could not breathe and that she did not want to die like that.”

According to the records, Huffine did not look to see what had happened and did not stop to check on the woman in his custody.