Denver couple’s car stolen with dog inside

DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver couple is desperately searching for their car and dog after both were stolen in a retail parking lot.

Uma Rao and Jason Miller went to the Home Depot at Santa Fe Drive and Interstate 25 on Wednesday along with their dog, “Nookie.”

It was a hot day and the couple was only planning to go shopping for a short amount of time.

They left their Subaru Outback running to keep the air conditioning on for Nookie, a white Husky mix.

They thought they had locked the doors.

Minutes later, they walked out to their worst nightmare: both the Subaru and Nookie were gone.

“They took my dog,” says Rao. “I was, like, ‘Nookie!’ I totally yelled it. This can’t be happening.”

Denver police confirm the incident. The couple says Home Depot surveillance cameras captured the suspects on video. A request to see those pictures has been filed with police.

The car is a silver Subaru Outback with Colorado plates: REO-322.

“He’s pretty much the best dog, ever,” Rao said of Nookie. “He probably has more friends than I do!”

For now, Rao and Miller have taken to social media and driving to different parts of town.

They just want 9-year-old Nookie back, no questions asked.

“I promised him I’d take care of him forever. So (I) just want my senior dog back,” Rao said.

The couple is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for Nookie’s safe return.

If you see Nookie, please call Denver police.