Staff return to Morey Middle School, large homeless camp remains next door

DENVER (KDVR) — Despite pleas from Morey Middle School’s principal to have a large homeless camp cleared out before staff returned, the encampment remained outside the school as personnel showed up Monday.

The large encampment has been both frustrating and worrisome to neighbors and parents of Morey Middle School students. The camp has continued to grow, with an estimated 100 people sleeping in tents near the school.

Denver’s public health department said its goal is to have the camp cleaned up before students return to school August 24th. Morey Middle School Principal Hillary Niebauer called on the health department and the city to clean up the camp before staff arrived Monday, July 20th.

“We have to do something on a faster time table then I am hearing being discussed,” said Niebauer at a town hall on July 10. “We have to make sure our building is safe enough for staff to return.”

Despite Niebauer’s push to get the camp cleaned up, there were no signs Monday morning of plans underway to clear it out.

Denver Public Schools said in a statement that Morey Middle School will open on time and that the issue will be resolved in a timely manner.