Trash truck crashes into Englewood home, causes partial collapse

SHERIDAN, Colo. (KDVR) — A house in Sheridan has partially collapsed after a trash truck backed into it.

The crash happened around 11 a.m. at 3386 S. Julian St.

The Denver Fire Department says no one was injured, and it worked with first responders from Arapahoe County to get the truck out.

David Silva, the homeowner, said he was about to take a nap when he heard a boom.

“I noticed all of a sudden, the rooms got filled with dust, my dog ran out of the bedroom into the backyard where he was safe. I ran to the front of my home and was shocked to see the front room was in shambles and I had a truck sitting in my house,” Silva said.

Firefighters and engineers spent the day inspecting the damage and structural integrity of the house.

Silva said, “I did not know what to think. I actually thought we were being bombed.”

Silva’s daughter, Frances, said, “Everybody is in shock when they walk by. It’s like a movie set.”

Silva said he was able to grab a few personal items and get out with his dog, Sunny.

“The walls are falling down, there’s all kinds of stuff everywhere, insulation down, windows broken, mirrors broken, big, big mess. This is life-changing. Never thought about needing another house. According to what they say, it’s totaled,” he said. “The home is structurally unsafe now. It moved the house off the foundation so with that, the house is no longer safe.”

Silva has lived in this house for six years.

“This is unreal. Unreal. I am very lucky to be alive, count my lucky stars to be alive. I survived this. I bought my lottery tickets yesterday… maybe I’ll go buy more today see if my luck will hold up,” he said.